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Abortion & Options Counseling: A Comprehensive Reference The only one of its kind! 232 pages in an 81/2” x 11” easy-to-read format complete with index for on-the-spot use and references for further reading. An invaluable tool for new counselors, nurses, and volunteers as well as seasoned professionals. Covers the basics and delves into the complex issues of our field.

Written by Anne Baker, who has counseled thousands of clients, conducted research on abortion-related topics, and supervised the training of many counselors and practicum students.

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Coping Well After an Abortion (24 pages) Revised
Revised in 2007 in an easy-to-read format! Anne shares women’s words of wisdom from her 30+ years of abortion counseling experience. The booklet validates positive feelings after an abortion and includes sections for those who are struggling with shame and blame, guilt, sadness, anger, regret, spiritual fears, and pre-existing emotional disorders. Sprinkled throughout are perspectives about abortion that create shifts from negative beliefs to those that empower! A list of life events that may trigger positive feelings and those that may trigger troublesome feelings help improve expectations for coping well. Websites for nonjudgmental secular and spiritual post-abortion counseling are offered. By Anne Baker       

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For Men: Before and After an Abortion 2008 (25 pages)
Written for men’s personal wellbeing–not just for helping them support their partner. This booklet aims to strengthen men’s ability to recognize and cope well with their own feelings about abortion, clarify their beliefs, educate about pregnancy hormones’ impact on women’s mental, emotional, and physical
states, and provide spiritual strength for those who need it. It helps men recognize not only what they don’t have control over before and after an abortion, but also what they do. Supports a man’s living in integrity and responding with respect if she wants the abortion but he doesn’t.

1-100  $3.50 each 101-499  $3.00 each
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Women Know / Las Mujeres Saben (in English & en Españiol)
An uplifting one-page handout that affirms the wisdom and compassion of women who are choosing or have chosen to have an abortion. By Anne Baker and Jean Stewart Berg          

1-100  .85 each 101-499  .65 each 
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Women Know / Las Mujeres Saben Poster
An 11" x 17" poster (in English or Spanish) for your office or lobby that displays the inspirational pro-choice message.                   

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After Her Abortion: For Parents, Male Partners and Friends
A handout booklet that provides recognition for the abortion patients' support people and concrete ways for them to continue their emotional support after the abortion, including specific do's and don'ts. Valuable reading for abortion and options counselors as well as for the patients themselves. By Anne Baker       

1-100  $1.25 each 101-499  $1.00 each
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How to Cope with Guilt
A handout leaflet for the patient. Identifies negative and positive ways people cope with guilt. Supports turning negative behavior into positive and discusses what to do when others are trying to provoke guilt. By Anne Baker       

1-100  .80 each 101-499  .60 each
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“I’ll Never Have Sex Again!”
A handout booklet for men and women. Helps clients identify specific anxieties that create ambivalence toward sex and the subsequent neglect of contraceptive measures. Provides solutions for super-fertile people who are frustrated with birth control methods.    By Anne Baker       

1-100  $1.00 each 101-499  .85 each
500+  .65 each Order Form

Birth Control Guide at a Glance Revised
Updated in 2007, a 5-panel brochure including hormonal methods (patch, ring, pills etc.), non-hormonal methods, how men can help, common causes of failure, and warning signals that lead to risk-taking. By Anne Baker       

1-100  .50 each 101 - 499  .40 each
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Spiritual Comfort: Before and After an Abortion
(in English & en Españiol)
A powerful antidote to anti-abortion propaganda! Compassionate thoughts gathered from ministers, priests, and rabbis to bring peace to those who fear God may not forgive or understand. By Anne Baker and Rev. Annie Clark       

1-100  $1.50 each 101-499  $1.25 each
500+  .80 each Order Form

Survival Kit for Abortion Providers: Emotional Support in a Crisis
Updated in 2007, this packet helps you set up and train a
post-trauma debriefing team to strengthen the morale, endurance and spirit of your staff in the event of anti-abortion terrorist activity. Only one training session is needed, and it takes little more than one hour. Being prepared translates into quality patient care.                       

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Large Easy-to-Read Pregnancy Calculator Wheel
Folks who have been in the field awhile tell us our wheel is easier to read than any they’ve ever seen! A full five inches across, made of sturdy metal, printed sharp and clear, you’ll love it!              

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